Melanie Barnum is a Personal Healer , Teacher and Author

Melanie’s soul intention is to joyfully help others to connect to their gifts, understand who they are, discover their greatness and heal themselves through clarity & wisdom .  "What your mind believes, your body can achieve......."

I believe all people possess the power to heal; themselves as well as others.  We are born with this ability and
natural knowledge and only need the desire and determination to begin the process.  Working with people to help them on
their way to discovering their own intuition and healing themselves is my way of utilizing my natural abilities.

Whether to better yourself, your career, your relationships or your health, I can help.

My healing process opened many years ago in a very simple yet very profound way; 
it was as if someone hit me over the head and said, “You need to do this work now!”. 
Coming from an accounting and business background this was something that came as quite a shock. 
Yet, having gone through life with a sense of knowing, and erroneously believing that everyone possessed this same gift and ability to read people, I thought there just may be a reason for this to be. 
I also believed, and still do, that there is something great out there, something bigger than all of us,
which calls to me and all other healers to continue on our path towards a better world, one person at a time. 
Needless to say that was all it took to embark on a soul searching mission,
beginning of course with years of training in many different modalities of healing. 

I am a:
*Certified Hypnotist
*Certified Hypno Coach
*Intuitive Counselor
*Intuition for Business Counselor
* Author
*Psychic Medium
*Certified Reiki Master
*Certified Reflexologist
*Certified Angelspeake Facilitator
*Certified Coordinate Remote Viewer
*Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator
*And more!

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Melanie Barnum, CH

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Melanie Barnum, CH
Author, Psychic, Medium

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Ways to Recognize and Develop Your Psychic Abilities​

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