Melanie Barnum, CH
Author, Psychic, Medium

Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Reflexology, Reiki, Space Clearings, Book Signings, Workshops, Group Events, and Personalized Intensive Trainings


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Melanie Barnum, CH


For a more detailed description of services visit the individual pages for each healing modality!

 The following services are sessions on the phone or video unless otherwise stated:

  ~Intuitive Counseling/Psychic Reading/Mediumship~
  Melanie offers private intuitive sessions and couples sessions.   These can be done directly via video or over the phone.  Melanie is also available for gallery events or private parties.   Helping others to connect to their own

intuitive gifts can be done in a single session or can be an ongoing process and can be private or in a group. 
Melanie also offers Intensive One on One Sessions.

If you can imagine it, we can achieve it! 
What the mind believes, the body can  achieve! Melanie offers all types of hypnotism including weight loss
hypnosis, smoking cessation, stress management, performance anxiety relief, pain management and alleviation,
        disease management, past life regression and more. No matter the structure, everyone benefits from hypnosis!
*one on one
* group sessions
* workshops
 Want to put together a group?  Great! 
Have a business or work somewhere that could benefit from group hypnosis?  Absolutely!
Reflexology is generally a half hour, one hour or longer and is done privately.  It is possible however to host a Reflexology or healing party where everyone is able to book a 20 min to a one hour session. 
Group discounts are available.

Reiki can be half hour or an hour depending on your desires. 
Again, group sessions are available.  Reiki can also be added to any other
session offered as an adjunct healing modality.
 ~Hypno Coaching~
Hypno Coaching works well privately as well as with groups.  If you are an employer or own a business hypno coaching is a fantastic tool to help increase productivity, drive, focus and esteem to promote prosperity. 
     A commitment is required as hypno coaching works to positively move your life forward through the
use of hypnosis, life coaching and self help through exercises and homework.