~What is Hypno Coaching?

Think of Hypno Coaching as a kind of turbo charged life coaching! With Hypno Coaching you get the benefits of life coaching and hypnosis all rolled into one! Want to create a new and better you? Hypno Coaching can help!
Hypno Coaching can help with everything hypnosis or life coaching can help with such as:

~Life direction   ~Career changes   ~Job transitions or promotions   ~Empty nest syndrome ~Relationships   ~Organization   ~Education placement or attainment  
~Goal achievement ~Business Development
~And more!

How does Hypno Coaching work?

Unlike regular hypnosis sessions, Hypno Coaching uses very specific techniques to bring about changes you desire in your life. The first session generally is a "getting to know what you are really hoping to accomplish" session. Often, we are unsure or a bit confused as to what we truly wish to change. By doing interactive exercises designed to find out what is genuinely important to you in your life right now we are able to put that information to use by utilizing a variety of specialized and personalized techniques.  
Included in each session is:

*Life Coaching & Coaching Exercises
*Hypnosis Session to help facilitate change subconsciously
*Homework to reinforce and redirect your path towards your goals

How long does Hypno Coaching take?

Hypno Coaching requires a commitment. In order to fully utilize every possible avenue of change a minimum of three months is the normal amount of time required. This may include weekly office sessions, phone sessions and even internet sessions. Home or office visits are also available. Significant discounts available when paid in advance. See Rates for pricing information.

Melanie Barnum, CH