Melanie Barnum, CH

~What is Intuition Coaching for Business?

Intuition is not just for boardwalk psychics! 

Intuition is such a critical part of our lives, why wouldn't it help in business dealings? 

Intuition coaching for business is geared towards anyone who wants to increase their business acumen. Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an employee at a fast food restaurant, your sixth sense can add a layer of intelligence to propel your career.

Intuition coaching for business can help with:

~Career changes   ~Job transitions or promotions    ~Business relationships  
~Organization  ~Goal achievement ~Business development ~Better marketing ~Increased sales 
~Making profitable decisions ~Understanding your clients, staff & management

And So Much More!

How does Intuition Coaching for Business work?

It is more than Ouija Boards and seances!

Intuition is our gateway to so much more. Your intuition is an invaluable tool you can utilize to help you excel in business! You have the option to receive individualized training to develop your business intuition or to share your experience with a group in a workshop or retreat session. 

Some wisdom included in your Intuition Coaching for Business course are:

*Introduction to your intuition

*Learn to tap into your metaphysical GPS system

​*Individual or Group Hypnosis Session to help facilitate change subconsciously

*Developing a manifestation plan

*Learn the best intuitive strategies to close the deal-for yourself or the company

*Create plans to negotiate with any type of person

*Homework to reinforce and redirect your path towards your goals

How long does Intuitive Business Coaching take?

Make an investment in yourself!

Once you are ready to increase your intuitive abilities, it is time! As with any educational training, it requires a commitment to reach your true potential. In order to fully utilize every possible avenue of business excellence you need to first determine whether it will be for you as an individual or a corporate workshop/retreat.

For individuals, this may include weekly office sessions, phone sessions and even internet sessions. Home or office visits are also available. (Significant discounts available when paid in advance.)

For corporate or business retreats email Melanie to discuss different workshop/retreat options!

Intuition Coaching for Business