What is space clearing or space cleansing?  

Energy is around us, living with us, becoming us every day.  This is wonderful!  What is not so wonderful is if it is someone else's energy or an object's energy that you do not want.  

Space clearing is a simple procedure where the home, office or other space is cleared through metaphysical means of unwanted or necessary energies.  Sometimes it's a feeling you may have of heaviness in the space and you want to lighten it up; similar to when you open the curtains on a new day.  Energetically that may be all it takes to recharge yourself! 

Other times, other energies or spirits have made their way into your home or space and it's time for them to move on.   By clearing  the space we allow only positive energy to continue to flourish, leaving you, your family, your children,  your home or space free from negativity or spiritual interference.  This includes ridding your home or space of any residual energies left by previous tenants of the property or building as well as freeing your place of any ghosts that are having a hard time leaving!   After the basic clearing, a cleansing is done to help keep the energy or energies from re-entering the space.  This may include utilizing tools such as meditation, sage, salt and more.  

How do I know if I need a space clearing or space cleansing and when do I need it?  

~Any time you move or renovate energy is shifted   
~Any time you feel uncharacteristically uncomfortable or down     
~Selling your home or space-clear old energy to make room for new   
~Renting a space ~Buying a space    ~Relationship issues or arguments    ~Problems Sleeping   
~Children in the home-child energy can be wide open, leaving them without any protection   
~New animal or losing an animal    ~You feel a presence    ~You hear a presence    ~You see a presence
or just because
~You want a fresh start!    

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Melanie Barnum, CH


Space Clearing