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Everyone is born with intuitive abilities! It is up to us to determine how we will use these wonderful and generous gifts. Melanie can help you to get in touch with your own gifts through various workshops and one on one mentoring. Melanie can also help through private in person, over the phone, or internet readings.  Click on Services for more info!

Melanie also helps people who wish, or sometimes have a burning need to tap into the spirit world for guidance or help or to feel a new connection to a deceased loved one.

~About Melanie's Intuition! ~

Melanie shares her psychic enthusiasm with others through private and group readings, and teaches many exciting workshops for intuitive development, Angelspeake, and meditation. She has studied with internationally known authors and teachers. Melanie was chosen to be a VIP reader at the “Largest Gathering of Psychics” to help promote the television show, “Psychic Detective”, on Court TV.  

~Intuitive Counseling~

Melanie's low key and down-to-earth manner plus amazing psychic insight makes her readings unique and powerful for assisting you with questions related to relationships, family, career opportunities, education, and communication with guides and deceased loved ones. Melanie also offers psychic guidance and support for those looking to expand their own intuitive abilities and those looking to fulfill their soul's mission.  

~Psychic Readings~

Most often Melanie taps into her client's energy by just tuning in using her intuition. Tapping or tuning into the client's aura or energy field allows a reader to intuit information about that client in the past, the present or the future. Reading a person's energy or auric field also aids in picking up any psychic or mental debris that may have manifested in physical discomfort or disease.

Occasionally, and if desired, Melanie will employ a variety of methods to conduct a psychic reading. Sometimes she uses divination tools such as tarot cards, Angel cards, Rune cards or pendulums. These tools help readers to focus in on specific questions and to focus in on a person's energy. Other times Melanie may use psychometry. Psychometry is when energy is attached to an object or picture that had meaning to the client or the person the client is interested in and the reader can "link" to this energy by holding the object or picture. 

Melanie Barnum, CH

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