Thanks for taking good care of my sister!  She texted and confirmed you are “AMAZING”!  Sending you a smile!  ~Lisa, Missouri

Thank you!  Great reading today!  ~Vikki, Arizona

I just have to tell you that you mentioned the letter "P"- I know you don't remember but something happened right after my session ended with you.
I went to kohls right across from you and I ran into my friend with whom I  haven't talked to in about a year!!! Her name is Petunia!!!!! I was surprised and couldn't wait to tell you.
I'm just validating your intuitiveness 😊😊😊
Thank you for everything and I really do feel better now than I did this morning. ~Jayshree , Connecticut

Thank you very much, I appreciate all your help!  YOU ARE GREAT!!! ~Cynthia, Connecticut

Thank you again for yesterday!  You are so on the money girl.  Amazing!  ~Tracy, Connecticut

Thank you!  As usual I really enjoyed talking to you and you really helped me to understand some things!  Thank you! ~Ann, Kansas

I just want to say thanks for the reading.. I got what I was looking for and I am glad to know that my folks are looking over my shoulder as I go through the last bit of their stuff! ~Patty, Connecticut

I just had to thank you for such a positive experience today, I was blown away by what you had to say!
I thought I'd the end of the appt, you kept harping on the name that began with B and then said "here, love"...WELL, I realized in the car that Lee (the one you connected with that just died) has a son in the hospital with stage four cancer...and his name is Buddy! ~Marah M., Connecticut

Melanie - I appreciate you sharing your incredible gift with me. It was a truly remarkable experience.
Thank you so much!  ~Sharon, Connecticut

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Kudo's for Melanie & Testimonials

Thank you for the great reading today and the positive thoughts as I begin this new journey.  It's like I'm "living" your book and feeling really empowered!!  ~Lori, North Carolina

Thanks so much for a wonderful session! It was great meeting you!  I already want to start planning my next appointment!  ~Kitty, Connecticut

Thanks for the insight!  Appreciate It!  ~Lisa S., Mississippi

The two friends I referred Loved their sessions with you!  You’ve got two new happy customers!  ~Lisa, Connecticut

You were definintely part of this story! I had begun the shift on some level when we met at the James Van Pragh event at Omega in fall 2007...and it kept expanding from there. You gave me that reading in March 2008 that was so pivotal....and even through my toughest days during the transition I would go back to my notes from you. That is where I discovered the notes that during age 42 (which was circled!) and 43 that I would 'have the highest highs and lowest lows' ....but indeed age 42 was pretty darn tough...and for the majority of 43 too....I look forward to turning 44 in February!  ~Regina, Maryland

Thank you SO much!!!  Your reading ALWAYS make me feel more at ease with life!  You truly are a blessing!!  Thank you!!

~Amy, Kansas

Please accept my sincere thanks for spending time with me today and sharing your gift and wonderful ability. I truly enjoyed meeting you and as a result gained a great deal of insight and much to contemplate.

-Mario, Connecticut