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"Melanie Barnum offers a vast array of traditional interpretations mixed with her own insightful experiences, making The Book of Psychic Symbols an invaluable contribution to every psychic's library." —Elizabeth Harper, author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

"An amazing book that gives enlightened awareness of the greatness within you. If you're ready to change your life, The Steady Way to Greatness is a must-read!"--Melissa Alvarez, author of 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

“This book makes greatness accessible to anyone and everyone.”—Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of What's Eating You?

“Melanie Barnum has put into words what we all know to be true—that we have the power to manifest brilliance, achieve greatness, and fulfill our every heart’s desire.”Elizabeth Harper, author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

We are all born with a psychic ability, it just needs to be unwrapped, cared for and worked out. In Melanie Barnum’s newest book Psychic Abilities for Beginners, she shares her experiences to help you on your own journey. With included exercises, Melanie demonstrates simple but effective ways to show you how to tap into your own intuition with clarity and confidence that will surely help you accept your own psychic gifts." — Kristy Robinett, author of Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium
"Melanie Barnum's Psychic Abilities for Beginners is an inspiring read written in a friendly style.   Best of all, her book covers a diverse range of psychic abilities.  I was especially enthralled by the references made to public, gallery style psychic readings, for which instruction manuals are rare.  Barnum's book is a treat to read and an essential for the developing psychic's reference shelf. "--Alexandra Chauran, Llewellyn author of multiple books including Clairvoyance for Beginners

Whether a novice or a practicing expert, "The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages" is a unique and comprehensive guide to understanding psychic communication. With definitions for over 500 symbols and practical hands on exercises, this book walks us through where symbols come from, how we receive... them, what they mean and how we can apply them to our everyday lives. Intuition is a gift everyone is born with. Learning and understanding how to utilize this gift is key to helping us live a fuller and more conscious existence.

This groundbreaking combination of dictionary style explanations, true stories of psychic phenomena and experiences, and intuitive development offers a practical opportunity to expand our awareness. You'll not only read this book straight through, you'll keep it as an essential handy reference guide for dreams, intuitive flashes, synchronicities and signs. "The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages" takes us on a unique journey and offers a personalized approach to developing and enhancing our natural intuition. Within these pages you will find answers to questions like, "How do I know if I am intuitive?", and "What is a psychic symbol?", and "What does it mean if I see an image or hear a word?" and "Where does this information come from?", and "What's the difference between intuition and psychic ability?"

Discussing everything from clairvoyance to tarot, colors to chakras, we learn the principles behind everyday symbolic messages. What may have been considered extraordinary becomes mainstream as we learn to connect to our intuitive side and open ourselves to conversations with spirit, the universe and the other side.

Manifesting your true desires becomes easier when you apply the knowledge gained from practicing the exercises in most of the chapters. Learning the language of symbolic communication changes our perspective and our understanding of the journey we are here to live.

Use intuition and psychic development to master the law of attraction and manifest the life you truly desire. The Steady Way to Greatness is filled with new and groundbreaking techniques for achieving success in love, work, finances, relationships, and spirituality. Organized into a progression of fifty-two weekly practices, intuitive counselor Melanie Barnum guides you with affirmations and simple exercises designed to help you:

• Build confidence

• Explore positive and negative attitudes?

• Open yourself to the intuitive senses?

• Work with your strengths and weaknesses?

• Discover the power of goal setting

• Uncover the magnificence that lives within

• Create and live your dream life

Providing the perfect blend of encouragement, wisdom, instructions, and stories, The Steady Way to Greatness is an ideal companion as you journey toward your true potential.

Looking for answers?  Searching for an explanation?  What if you could tap into the energy of the universe and clarify events from your past, your present or even your future?   Now you can! You have within you the key to unlocking answers in a not so secret psychic world. It’s time to enhance your life as your new awareness increases your confidence, stimulates your potential and exposes the magnificence that is already inside you!  A must read for anyone interested in developing their natural gifts, “Psychic Abilities for Beginners: Awakening Your Intuition” will help you explore or refine your innate extrasensory abilities.  
With each chapter you will learn how to tune into your psychic senses by using unique exercises, created specifically to take you on an intuitive journey. Sharing true stories of actual psychic events, this book provides you with practical & extraordinary applications in life and introduces you to a spiritual awareness open to everyone but mastered by so few.  Accessing your sixth sense will open possibilities you never even knew existed as you begin to validate your new found metaphysical gifts. Everything you need to know about psychic development is within this book, ready to jump off the pages and enhance your life—spiritually, emotionally, mentally and abundantly.  This in depth voyage through your psychic senses will familiarize you with what it feels like to see, hear, feel, and even know things distant in time and space. 
“Psychic Abilities for Beginners:  Awakening Your Intuition” provides you with a unique, fun, and practical approach to obtain all of the necessary tools to access a wealth of knowledge, boost your physical and psychic senses, and even find you the perfect parking spot.  By doing the exercises and experiencing your own gifts you will no longer just take part in your life, you will direct it!

Melanie Barnum, CH

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Go beyond your beginnings and unleash your full intuitive power with this practical, intermediate book on psychic development. Author Melanie Barnum provides effective methods for improving your innate gifts as well as your confidence. Psychic Development Beyond Beginners features illuminating stories from Melanie's client sessions, engaging exercises to deepen your connection to your metaphysical self, detailed interpretations for the psychic signs and symbols you encounter, and much more.

This accessible guide gives you a fresh perspective on psychic development and allows you to explore the vast possibilities of being psychic, from mediumship to past life experiences to astral travel. You'll learn to release the hold your physical mind has put on your spiritual self, allowing your gifts to truly blossom.

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Join authors such as myself and other Angel Messengers from all around the world as we come together in a collaborative effort to bring you 365 Days of Angel Prayers!  

What if everyday you could encounter the divine?  What if you could regularly know the blessing of deep peace and abiding joy?  What if you could talk to angels?  Great news-you can!

365 Days of angel prayers is a multi author anthology of daily readings written to inspire and guide you to experience a rich and continuous communication with the angelic realm.  Whether you choose to read the days entry or take a more spirit led approach these prayers, blessings, invocations, and essays will help you communicate with angels.  And as you allow the words to wash over your mind and heart, receiving the healing inherent within them, you will begin to see that there is no one way to pray for divine  blessing or assistance.  Soon, you may even find your own unique words pouring out-embrace them.  Remember, this book is a collaboration, one you are warmly invited to join.

Soak in the deep peace, love, and joy of the angels.  Through your daily connection, you will begin to shine their heavenly light and share their divine love with everyone you encounter.

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                                 Psychic Ability and Intuition:  Psychological Phenomenon for the 21st Century

                             A Special Event teleclass

                                by Dr. Tammy Nelson & Melanie Barnum, CH

Download the teleclass and listen as often as you'd like at your convenience!

 This workshop is based on Melanie Barnum's new book, Psychic Abilities for Beginners: Awaken Your Intuitive Senses, and will provide an overview of Psychic Abilities and what defines them.

The workshop will answer such questions as:

•What is psychic ability? •Is everyone born with psychic ability? •How do you know if you are experiencing psychic ability? •Can psychic ability be developed? •What are psychic tools and can anyone use them?

Only $50 to own!


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Click to buy the kindle version on Amazon!

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Imagine being able to see people, landmarks, or objects in a far away location without physically going there! Offering a unique combination of intuitive and analytical guidance, Psychic Vision includes everything you need to know about using clairvoyance and remote viewing to enhance your life. With chapter-by-chapter exercises created specifically to take you on a clairvoyant journey—as well as instructions for the exact protocols used by government intelligence agencies—Psychic Vision is an indispensible guide to developing your psychic sight. Sharing true stories of actual remote viewing events, this book provides practical applications for clairvoyance and introduces you to an extraordinary and inspiring spiritual awareness.


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This newly published guide will tap into your deepest desires, in a stimulating and entertaining way. Like nothing you've read before, this will draw out your inner child to help turn your wishes into reality. 

Manifest your best life! If you are looking to create a life you'll love this book is for you. Manifest Your Year gives you 52 simple to use manifestation exercises to bring about all of the changes you want. You need only believe it to achieve it! So often we are afraid or even embarrassed to think we deserve to have what we want--but that time is over! This book will help you discover just how painless it can be to attain exactly what we want and more! It will also teach you that you don't have to be so serious--have a little fun and be a little silly! After all, life is supposed to be enjoyable! What have you been waiting for?

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Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development packs a really big punch!  

Fill your life with abundance and positivity by engaging in your psychic birthright. This little book is packed with ways to help you tune into your intuition, from hands-on exercises and journaling prompts to true stories from Melanie Barnum’s clients and personal experiences. If you want to feel more connected to your spirit, improve your relationships, have the perfect career, or receive help when making decisions in every area of your life, this is the right book for you!

Manifest Your Year: Creating Positive Change  Click here for a FREE Excerpt-Week 6!

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New for 2019! You asked for it, here you go! A 12 month card reading. I will tune into your energy and pull cards for a unique, individualized 12 month card reading plus a bonus overall card. Only $25 for this one of a kind Psychic Symbols Oracle Card Reading.

To purchase your own, click on the picture and order directly or email for a direct invoice and recieve your very own glimpse into the next year of your life!
(This is for the cards--the meanings are on each card. A more in depth analysis is available as well.)

Now Available-for a limited time only you can order your very own autographed deck at a discounted rate!

Psychic Symbols Oracle Cards were conceived and developed to be used as a companion to Melanie Barnum's book, "The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages" published by Llewellyn Publishers, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.  Whether you are a practicing psychic, a budding intuitive counselor or a beginner to all things metaphysical, these cards will help you understand and ascertain information channeled from your guides, your angels and your deceased loved ones! They want to send us messages we can understand, so they use the easiest method possible--symbols!

Now, with 45 cards, this deck can be utilized with traditional tarot card spreads or you can pull a card a day!  Psychic Symbols Oracle Cards have no boundaries!

Also available! A 5 Card Add on Deck! Click the cards to order your additional 5 Symbols Cards!