Excerpt from my new book, 

"Manifest Your Year: Exercises to Make Your Wishes Come True"

Creating Positive Change

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Melanie Barnum, CH


~Week 6~ 

Creating Positive Change


What You’ll Need


Post It or sticky note papers

Marker that can write on glass

Preferable Location


Manifestation Exercise 

​​     Creating positive change has many connotations. Positive change can cover many aspects in your life, from health to love to career to finances to family and everything in between. There’s no reason to not address all of them and do a blanket manifestation for positive change!

      Take your sticky note papers and write down something you want to change on one of them. Next, draw a big plus sign, or positive sign (+) over the entire post it, covering the negative thing you wish to change. Fold it and seal it to itself. Continue doing that until you can no longer think of anything else in your life that you want to change from more negative to more positive. Then, draw positive symbols on a couple more blank sticky notes, folding them the same way, enhancing each sheet with positive energy.

      Next, one by one, put all of the newly charged positively energized notes into the jar while saying, ‘I am creating positive change in my life, constantly’ as you do. Continue until you have filled up the jar, going back and writing more if necessary.

       Then, with your marker, draw the positive signs all over the outside of the jar and close it up, continuing your manifestation mantra while you draw.

       Express your gratitude by saying THANKS and expect the universe to manifest positive change in your life in the upcoming year!